This purchase adds 2 Students to the 7 Students that come with the Team Safety Member Certification for a total of 9 Students

These Students will be able to complete our Safety Member Certification course in several ways. 

  1. Students will be invited to join our Online Training Events where Kris Moloney, the Course Creator, facilitates the training. (See Schedule for Dates and Times)
  2. Students will have access to our Self-Paced Online Training where they may train on their own time and computer viewing the same videos from the Online Training Events.
  3. Students may participate in Church Hosted Training planned and conducted by you or other team member in a classroom setting, in-person or online. 
  4. OR, a Combination of the Online Training Events, Self-Paced Online Training, and Church Hosted Training.

Once you purchase the Coupon Code, your Church (House of Worship) will be issued a unique Coupon Code for our Safety Member Certification. With that Coupon Code, each one of your students will be able to enroll and complete the course. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enrollment into the Safety Member Certification is only necessary for students working toward certification. Other staff and volunteers may audit the modules (no access to the Self-Paced Online Training) for no credit.