Safety Ministry Proposal and Starter Kit

Safety Ministry Proposal and Starter Kit

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[Digital Download] While God is in control, He also works through His people. It is up to us to protect our churches and congregations from threats, whether those are human-derived, natural disasters, or related to technology. It is the responsibility of the leaders within every church, as well as the church congregation, to take the steps necessary to mitigate threats and improve the safety and security of those who set foot on the property to worship or partake in any type of activity. Ensuring security is the job of the Safety Ministry.

Without a Safety Ministry, you have no overarching authority guiding the Church Safety Team – no leadership, no accountability. Of course, it can be challenging to convey the information needed to convince church leadership of the need for such a ministry or the need for a formal Church Safety Team. This bundle helps to alleviate that challenge.

Our Safety Ministry Proposal Kit bundle offers essential information that can be used to highlight key needs within the church in the areas of security and safety. Crime is one of the most obvious threats that should be addressed. For instance, in 2009 alone, almost 8,000 thefts occurred on church grounds across the nation. However, crime is only one threat. Others include natural disasters, such as fires and earthquakes, technological disasters like computer hacking or power failures, weather-related emergencies such as heat waves or severe storms, and many more.

Our Safety Ministry Proposal Kit bundle delivers information that can be used to create a proposal on developing a Safety Ministry customized to your church’s specific needs. In this bundle, you will find the following:

  • Safety Ministry Proposal Kit Course: This course delivers training on the myriad of risks today’s churches and congregations face, and how to establish a Safety Ministry. It also details the most essential roles within the ministry, how to create a Church Safety Team that works on behalf of the ministry, and resources available to make creating and monitoring the ministry simpler, as well as information about where to find expert help.
  • Safety Ministry Launch Instructor Guide: This instructor guide supplements and builds on the included course, delivering more in-depth information about the threats that today’s churches face, ranging from drug crimes to theft to sexual abuse and assault and natural disasters. It also explains the many roles that must be filled within the ministry and the Church Safety Team.
  • Team Proposal Form: This form simplifies and streamlines the process of proposing a Church Safety Team, as well as specifying steps that must be taken before, during and after ministry development.
  • Duty Descriptions Form: This vital form details what is expected of everyone within the Safety Ministry, from the Director of Safety and Security to safety volunteers that make up the Church Safety Team.
  • Budget Request Worksheet: Make requesting funding for your Church Safety Team or safety-related projects within the church or on church grounds simpler and easier with this convenient worksheet.
  • Full Church Security Assessment Form: Create a detailed security assessment of your church’s grounds and physical structure to highlight strengths and weaknesses, and help create plans to mitigate threats ranging from active shooters to child abuse.

Save valuable time and resources with our downloadable training bundles. Each bundle comes in a fully customizable Powerpoint® Presentation that is easy to modify to accommodate your churches unique size, setting and policies. They also contain instructor notes, and other helpful resources like forms, cheat sheets and example policies.

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Kris Moloney
Kris Moloney

About the instructor

The Sheepdog Church Security team includes Researchers, Writers and an Instructional Designer, who spend countless hours developing Safety and Security materials for Houses of Worship. All our course materials come from Nationally Recognized resources and Subject Matter Experts. 

Kris Moloney oversees it all, ensuring the materials are Realistic and Relevant for the Church. He continues to serve as a Volunteer Safety Director and he has led this two campus team since 2009. 

Additionally, he was a Police Officer for over 18 years. He is a retired Army Captain and Company Commander. He has certifications in a number of specialties to include Crime Prevention, Security Assessments, and the Crime Free Program. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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