The Complete Church Security Training System is your ultimate Safety Preparedness resource. It contains every training packet that Sheepdog Church Security has to offer, with an unbeatable price to assist churches with limited resources.

You will also get personal one-on-one consulting  help from me and get access to my exclusive Sheepdog Trainer’s Group. Whatever issue, problem or question you have, you will get help. You are no longer alone.

With this comprehensive System, you will be guided through the process of setting up your Safety Ministry, finding the right staff and volunteers, assessing the security needs of your unique church and training your team on the various threats to the safety of church property, assets and people.

If you are serious about creating a safe and prepared environment for your church, you won’t find a better value anywhere else. Don’t let a crisis become a catastrophe.


Learn, Teach, Drill

There are 3 steps to preparing your church for any type of emergency.

  • Be a student of Church Safety and Security. Learn as much as you can from Nationally Recognized Materials.
  • Share with others what you have learned. Educate them on the Best Practices from leading Subject Matter Experts. 
  • Conduct regular drills with the Safety Team to Practice and Refine your church's Emergency Response Plans.

Training Made Simple

You don't need to be an expert to be a Safety Ministry Leader or Instructor. Our training resources were designed for Safety Directors and Instructors with little to no previous training in church security. Simply, Learn, Teach, Drill. 


To ensure you have everything you need to give your team the most comprehensive training in safety and security, we offer the Complete Church Security Training System.

This downloadable bundle contains a fully customizable Powerpoint® Presentations, Microsoft Office® files and PDF files.

Slide Presentations: The Complete System includes unlocked, customizable slides from All Seven of our industry leading Training Bundles. So you can add, delete and modify the slides to fit your church's unique size, setting and policies. The Complete System has the following Training Bundles:

  • Security Team Fundamentals ($97 Value)The success of any Safety Ministry begins with the right people. This comprehensive training packet will give you the tools to start your Safety Team off right, from Team Selection to training. Along with a Forms Bundle you will receive training information such as; Ethics/Conduct, Patrol Procedures, Situational Awareness, Radio Procedures, Reporting and Forms, Duties and Responsibilities, Suspicious Behaviors and Calling 911. All materials are customizable to accommodate your churches unique size and setting.
  • Active Shooter Response ($97 Value) - These modern times are rife with uncertainty and those who wish to destroy our way of life. When a dangerous intruder threatens, how do you protect the lives of those under your churches roof? Learn how to prepare your church for the worst. In this course, you will be shown advanced lock-down and response procedures which can be practiced and implemented in the case of a violent intruder. Learn the necessary skills during a lockdown, evacuation drills and Containment/ Engagement Team response.
  • Deescalating Disruptive Persons ($97 Value)A potentially violent person in your congregation becomes verbally disruptive. Do you know how to bring the situation to a peaceful ending? This important packet will train your Safety Ministry to prevent violent outbreaks using proven Deescalation communication techniques. Learn to identify potentially disruptive persons, conduct Threat Assessments, properly communicate and deescalate without physical intervention and deal with protesters in a peaceful and orderly manner.
  • Protecting Children from Abuse ($97 Value)Children are the most vulnerable and precious of our flock, and they look to us for protection. Learn how to; identify possible instances of child abuse, report evidence and allegations to the proper authorities and spread awareness to prevent abuse within your church. Since the best protection is prevention, this packet emphasizes training on screening procedures for staff and volunteers who work with children, supervising children and childcare workers and response to allegations.
  • Use of Force Laws ($97 Value) - The laws surrounding the use of force in a difficult situation can feel muddy and uncertain to many people. Give your Safety Ministry the power of confidence and knowledge behind their actions by teaching them the legal implications and limitations of using force. This training packet will cover; When Can a Citizen/Safety Member Use Force, Deciding to Use Force, What is “Reasonable” Force, Use of Deadly Force and Use of Non-Deadly Force.
  • Arson and Fire Safety ($87 Value) - Either as an act of vandalism or an accidental occurrence, fire and arson can pose a serious threat to church property and people. Prevent property damage – or worse – by teaching your church how to reduce fire risks and preparing them for emergency procedures. This module will cover topics such as; Fire Science, Safety Inspections, Use of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Response, Evacuations and Drills and One & Two Person & Carries.
  • Severe Weather and Natural Disasters ($87 Value) - The weather is an ever-changing and sometimes unpredictable force that should never be underestimated. When severe weather systems threaten the well being of your church and congregation, be prepared to take action. Use this training packet to learn about the risks associated with many different types of dangerous weather systems, safety drills, preparing for the worst and basic safety plans. When nature’s wrath bears down, there’s no preventing or stopping it – but you can be prepared for it.

Total Value of All the Training Bundles: $659.00

Instructor Guides: The guides have slide by slide instructions to help you teach the material to your Safety Team. 

Streaming Videos: In addition to the downloadable files, you get online access to our course videos for one year. They are great way to prepare yourself to teach the material and they can even be used in a classroom setting until you are more comfortable teaching.

Looking for More? Free Bonus Items!!!

Here are the FREE BONUSES that you will get by investing in the Complete Church Security Training System today:

  • One Free Personal Strategy Session ($100 Value) 
  • Kids First Emergency Drill Lesson Plans ($29.95 Value) 
  • The eBook, Defending the Flock: A Security Team Guide for Church Safety Directors ($14.95 Value) 

Total value of your FREE bonuses when you invest today: $144.90

IMPORTANT NOTE: These courses are licensed for One Church (House of Worship) and cannot be used for monetary gain.  Contact Sheepdog Church Security with any questions at

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure you are satisfied with our training bundles. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using our materials, we will promptly issue a refund.