Safety Member Certification

We NEED to start training Safety Teams, our Staff and Other Volunteers to reduce the risk of crimes happening on church property and to respond to emergency situations.

Our program covers numerous safety and security topics as they relate to houses of worship and lays the foundational training your team needs to reduce crime and minimize casualties.
Certified Safety Member

About Our Certification

Certification proves students have been trained in a number of safety and security topics as they relate to houses of worship and the student demonstrated understanding of the material through testing.

What to Learn More?
Whether enrolling for yourself or a team, Sheepdog Church Security Academy provides you with the training and certification needed to safeguard the congregation. Click the respective card below to learn more about each program.

Just One of Many Testimonials

Thousands of Students representing Hundreds of Churches have Completed Our Training.

Training the Team made Easier

by Scott Salley

Our church has been discussing a “safety team training” curriculum since 2018.The development of grounded policies and protocols was completed a few years ago; however, the actual training required to instruct church volunteers was quite challenging. Various government training programs and other church-related security courses were considered. I also called Kris Moloney to hear his pitch for what SDCS had to offer. Not only did Kris respond with the answers that I was seeking, but he also shared his references that he used to build his eight (8) training modules. Needless to say, our church supported the decision to use SDCS for our academy. One of our objectives for our first Safety Team Academy, was that each new safety member would successfully complete the SDCS educational modules and pass the comprehensive exam. SDCS provides three (3) different formats for a single student and/or a group to learn the same information. All students receive the same important and life-saving information, without wasting time on different instructors telling their war stories or anecdotes. As a retired law enforcement officer, I have heard many, many personal war stories that have little to do with the intended subject matter. In a few weeks, our church will graduate the inaugural class of seven (7) students. Our world is constantly changing with different issues, but we hope that our new ministry (Safety Team) will be quickly available for an emergency until the first responders arrive on scene.