About Our Certification

By enrolling in our academy you gain access to our complete training program, covering a variety of topics from Active Shooter Response to Arson and Fire Safety. Upon completion, participants can get certified with Sheepdog Church Security. This certification demonstrates a working knowledge of safety and security as it relates to houses of worship.

Enroll Yourself or Your Team

Are you an individual seeking certification? Or do you represent a team? Compare the benefits of each program and pick your preferred certification below to enroll just yourself or your entire safety team.

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Online Events
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Church Hosted Training
1-Hour Church Consult
Free eBook
Training Record
Kids Emergency Drills
DIY Security Assessment
Reports & Forms
Draft Policies
Security Cheat Sheets

Want to Learn More?

Whether enrolling for yourself or a team, Sheepdog Church Security Academy provides you with the training and certification needed to safeguard the congregation. Click the respective card below to learn more about each program.