Elevating Church Security: Empower Your Congregation with the Safety Director Toolkit

As a newly appointed safety director, the Safety Director Toolkit is your comprehensive year-long resource for securing the well-being of your congregation. It combines Interactive Online Workshops, Staff and Volunteer Training, Drill and Scenario Training, and more, with the option for personalized consultations with Kris Moloney. With access to a vast Digital Resource Library and alignment with Sheepdog Church Security's Certification, this toolkit is more than just training; it's a commitment to ongoing readiness and excellence, transforming your church into a model of safety and preparedness.

Important Note on Certification: The Directors Toolkit does NOT include Safety Member Certification. For certification, explore our specialized Certification webpage.

  • Weekly Interactive Online Workshops - Guidance in the Right Direction

    Step into a world of enhanced learning with our weekly Zoom workshops, held on Thursdays at 7 pm (Central). These sessions, led by Kris Moloney, delve deep into the administrative aspects of running a Safety Ministry. From developing robust Policies and Procedures to conducting thorough security assessments and effective team training, these workshops are instrumental in elevating your Safety Ministry administratively and operationally.

  • Streamlined Training for Staff and Volunteers - Online Training Events

    Share the spirit of preparedness with your staff and volunteers from other ministries. Extend an invitation to them for our Sunday 3 pm (Central) Online Training Events, or host your own in-house training using our top-tier instructional videos. This approach ensures your well-trained, well-prepared, Certified Safety Team members are supported by equally trained staff and volunteers – a combination that is nothing short of exceptional.

  • New - Safety Drills for Churches Drill Manual - Elevating Preparedness to Reality

    Practical exercises are a pivotal addition to church safety training. Going beyond traditional methods, it focuses on the vital practice of emergency action plans, including specific drills and scenarios for violent intruder situations. This manual is more than just informative; it's a hands-on toolkit crafted to equip your team for the realities of various emergencies, ensuring readiness for real-world challenges, especially in active shooter scenarios.

  • Ongoing Growth and Community Engagement - A Support Network

    Our Thursday morning Zoom meetings at 10 am (Central) are more than just informative sessions; they are a lifeline to a community united in the pursuit of church safety. In these meetings, open dialogues go beyond mere discussions, fostering a robust network brimming with shared experiences and collective wisdom. As a Safety Director, you are not alone in navigating the unique safety challenges faced by your church.

  • Enhanced Digital Resource Library for Church Safety Directors

    Dive into a valuable assortment of tools tailored for church security, featuring a DIY Security Assessment guide, an adaptable Safety Ministry Policy and Procedure Manual, along with diverse reports and forms for thorough documentation. Notable inclusions are the FBI Firearms Qualification, a detailed Safety Member Training Record, and accessible links to State Use of Force Laws.

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Weekly Interactive Online Workshops

Every Thursday at 7 PM Central, Excluding Holidays and Summer Break
Tailored Learning and Practical Implementation in Safety Management
Rotating Topics Adapted to Student Needs for Comprehensive Safety and Security in Houses of Worship

  • Policies and Procedures
    Customize a Sample Safety Ministry Policy and Procedure Manual to fit the unique characteristics of your house of worship. Aim: Draft a policy manual ready for legal review.

  • Security Assessment
    Conduct a Do-It-Yourself Security Assessment and engage in discussions for effective completion. Aim: Complete the security assessment with actionable risk mitigation strategies.

  • Building a Safety Team
    Learn about team approval, recruitment, and vetting to create a dependable volunteer safety team. Aim: Establish a process for assembling a well-trained, cohesive safety team.

  • Training a Safety Team
    Discuss identifying training needs, scheduling, and maintaining motivation. Aim: Develop an effective training plan for the safety team.

  • Emergency Action Plans
    Deep dive into various emergency action plans, including policy and drill implementation. Aim: Gain comprehensive understanding and readiness for multiple emergency scenarios.

Streamlining Church Safety with Easy-to-Access Training

Every Sunday at 3 PM Central, Excluding Holidays and Summer Break
Streamline your church's safety initiatives by easily sharing essential safety knowledge with staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers through our practical and effective training methods.
The full schedule of these impactful sessions is detailed below.

  • Effortless Online Access
    Leverage the convenience of Zoom for widespread, location-independent safety training.

  • Dynamic Training Content
    Spearheaded by Kris Moloney, founder of Sheepdog Church Security, our sessions encompass a broad spectrum of church safety topics, ensuring both relevance and practicality.

  • Streamlined Content Sharing
    Distribute a single Zoom link to ministry leaders, who can then share it with their volunteers, facilitating a smooth training process.

  • Customized Learning Experiences
    Tailor your team's training by selecting sessions that align with their specific safety roles and interests.

  • Reliable Attendance Tracking
    A unique code word given in each class allows for easy verification of attendance, supporting efficient tracking and accountability

Schedule 2024-2025

3 PM Central Time Zone

  • Sep 15 | Jan 5 | Mar 16
  • Sep 22 | Jan 12 | Mar 23
    Safety Team Fundamentals
  • Sep 29 | Jan 19 | Mar 30
    Active Shooter Response
  • Oct 6 | Jan 26 | Apr 6
    Deescalating Disruptive Persons
  • Oct 13 | Feb 2 | Apr 13
    Protecting Children from Abuse
  • Oct 20 | Feb 9 | Apr 27
    Basic Use of Force Laws
  • Oct 27 | Feb 16 | May 4
    Arson and Fire Safety
  • Nov 3 | Feb 23 | May 18
    Storms and Disasters
  • Nov 10 | Mar 2 | Jun 1
    Mass Trauma Emergencies
  • Nov 17 | Mar 9 | Jun 8
    Exam Preparation

Important Note: The schedule provided above represents the current Academy year, consisting of three trimesters. This means each course is offered three times a year, providing ample opportunities to audit the training. 

Practical Drill and Scenario Training Manual for Emergency Preparedness

Discover a focused approach to gaining hands-on experience in managing emergency situations with our comprehensive and practical training manual. Designed to simplify the process of planning and executing various drills and scenario-based training, this guide is your essential tool for practical emergency response preparation.

  • Diverse Drill Scenarios
    From de-escalating disruptive situations to managing bomb threats and active shooter incidents, this manual covers nine detailed drills, ensuring preparedness for a variety of emergencies.

  • Targeted Drill Categories
    Organized into distinct sections - Safety Team Only, Safety Team + Staff, and Safety Team + All Church - the manual addresses varied levels of emergency responses suitable for different church groups.

  • Hands-On Training Approach
    Featuring both Table Top Exercises and Live Drills, the series offers a balanced mix of theoretical understanding and practical application, providing a holistic approach to safety training.

  • Safety as a Priority
    Emphasizing a safety-first mentality, the manual positions you, the Safety Director, as the Chief Safety Officer, ensuring the highest safety standards are met during each drill.

Church Safety Collaboration Network: Connecting, Learning, and Growing Together

Tuesdays at 7 PM and Thursdays at 10 AM Central, Excluding Holidays and Summer Break
Join forces with fellow graduates from the Sheepdog Church Security Academy to tackle region-specific tasks and hurdles. Collaborate on organizing seminars, coordinating training events, and navigating local regulations and constraints, harnessing the collective expertise of your peers.

  • Regional Networking through Alumni Association
    Connect with fellow safety and security practitioners in your region to share insights, coordinate training events, and tackle region-specific safety challenges.

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings for Collaborative Learning
    Engage in regular, interactive Zoom sessions where open dialogues extend beyond education to foster a robust network of shared experiences and expertise.

  • Focus on Deadly Force Incidents
    Participate in discussions about active shooter and other deadly force incidents at houses of worship, extracting vital lessons learned to enhance emergency preparedness.

  • Supportive Community for Safety Directors
    Gain continuous support and insight as a Safety Director, leveraging a community-driven approach to navigate and address unique church safety challenges.

Your Comprehensive Resource Center

Explore a World of Safety Resources at Your Fingertips. The Enhanced Digital Resource Library is your gateway to a wealth of materials designed for church safety management. From policy templates to training manuals and detailed records, this library equips you with everything needed to effectively secure your house of worship.

  • Safety Ministry Policy Manual Sample
    A comprehensive template for church safety directors - It provides a structured framework for developing customized safety policies and procedures tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of individual houses of worship.

  • DIY Short Security Assessment v2
    Designed to guide church safety directors in conducting a swift and efficient evaluation of their church's current security status. This resource aids in identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement in church safety measures.

  • Active Shooter Drills Manual
    Detailed guidance for church safety directors on planning and executing realistic, scenario-based drills. These drills are designed to prepare church security teams for the possibility of an active shooter situation, focusing on effective response strategies to enhance safety and readiness.

  • Safety Drills and Scenarios Manual
    A diverse range of drill and scenario outlines - This manual is an essential tool for church safety directors to develop and conduct various safety exercises, helping to prepare and train their teams for a wide array of emergency situations.

  • Safety Member Training Record
    Printed and spreadsheet versions - It's designed to meticulously track and document the training progress and qualifications of individual safety team members, ensuring a well-organized and professional approach to team development and certification.

  • Fillable Forms and Reports
    Printed and electronic versions - They are designed to streamline documentation and reporting processes for church safety directors, offering a flexible and efficient way to manage essential records, assessments, and administrative tasks.

  • And So Much More...
    A treasure trove of various tools, including a mix of forms, cheat sheets, and a variety of resources that have proven helpful in church safety management. This section is continually updated with practical aids and innovative solutions to support safety directors in effectively managing their safety ministry's diverse needs.