Sheepdog Church Security

Certified Safety Member (All 7 Courses)

Complete All 7 Courses to be Certified by Sheepdog for 2 years.


Active Shooter Neutralization and Lock Down Drills

A course which delivers all you need to know about developing drills, safety precautions and safeguards to fit your church.


Church Safety and Security Volunteer Academy

Our Church Safety/Security Volunteer Academy course includes essential information and training tools to help you develop a robust Church Safety Team, vet individuals, and then train them to ensure your congregation enjoys protection at all times.


Dealing with Disruptive Persons using Verbal Deescalation

A course which provides Church Safety Team members and Safety Ministry officials with training and information on the concept of verbal de-escalation, and the important role it plays in church security.


Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse in the Church

This course is expertly designed to help you understand the basics involved with child protection, child protection procedures, and the risks children within the church face.


Protecting Yourself and the Church with Use of Force Laws

This course is designed to help you understand what use of force laws are intended to allow, how they can play a role in safeguarding your flock, and their limitations. It also explains the legal responsibilities that apply to your Church Safety Team