Active Shooter Neutralization and Lock Down Drills

Active Shooter Response v4

This Active Shooter Neutralization and Lock Down Drills online course provides essential training, tools and proven methods to mitigate and prevent an attack, ensuring your church remains a safe place for all to worship no matter what threats walk through its doors.

[Online Course] We live in troubled times – the rise in gun-related violence, particularly violence directed against churches and their congregations across the nation, is proof of this. There were 147 shootings in Christian churches between 2006 and 2016, more than there were in the entire 25 years that came before. It has become imperative that churches be prepared (and able) to protect those worshiping within their walls. Today, churches must be prepared to combat violence from all corners. It’s not just about stopping lone-gunmen with their own agendas targeting church members, or anti-Christian sentiment bubbling over. Church members themselves and their loved ones can bring violence into the church. If you are not prepared, that can spell disaster, as it has for too many churches across the nation. To ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality and able to curb violent acts, we offer the Active Shooter Response course. 

This course includes essential information which is the basis of a comprehensive solution tailored to your church’s specific needs, size, location and other factors that play a role in safety and security. 

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Kris Moloney
Kris Moloney

About the Course Creator

The Sheepdog Church Security team includes Researchers, Writers and an Instructional Designer, who spend countless hours developing Safety and Security materials for Houses of Worship. All our course materials come from Nationally Recognized resources and Subject Matter Experts. 

Kris Moloney oversees it all, ensuring the materials are Realistic and Relevant for the Church. He continues to serve as a Volunteer Safety Director and he has led this two campus team since 2009. 

Additionally, he was a Police Officer for over 18 years. He is a retired Army Captain and Company Commander. He has certifications in a number of specialties to include Crime Prevention, Security Assessments, and the Crime Free Program. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Greg Moseley

Active Shooter Neutralization and lock down drills

I'm my own my safety committee at church and the video was very helpful will recommend to others. Thanks, Greg Moseley

William Siefers

Good Information

This is a great review of the Run, Hide, Fight that we have all been trained for in dealing with active shooter issues.

Lee Pinkard

Active Shooter

Very instructive, presented in segments that we right sized and relevant.

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