Prepare your church community for potential threats with our comprehensive self-paced streaming video learning course, Church Safety & Security: Active Shooter Preparedness. In today's world, it's crucial to be ready for any situation, including active shooter incidents. This course equips you with essential knowledge and skills to safeguard your congregation.

📚 Course Overview:

Why Churches Need to Prepare for Active Shooters

  • Understand the definition of an active shooter.
  • Analyze alarming active shooter statistics.
  • Explore other deadly force incidents that can occur in a church setting.
  • Discover why churches are often targeted.

Federal Guidelines for Active Shooter Events

  • Understand the characteristics of active shooter events.
  • Learn the "Run, Hide, Fight" protocol.
  • Know how to respond when law enforcement arrives.

Safety Posture / Access Control

  • Learn crucial safety postures and access control strategies for different church activities.
  • Understand the importance of closed and locked doors during services and classes.
  • Discover how to effectively monitor and secure doors between services and classes.
  • Ensure clear and reliable communication.

Churchwide Drills

  • Practice lockdown drills for threats inside the facility.
  • Implement lockout drills for threats outside of the facility.
  • Understand soft drills for non-emergency situations.
  • Master evacuation procedures for various scenarios, including open areas and directed evacuations.

Safety Team Response to an Active Shooter

  • Learn containment strategies to restrict the shooter's movements.
  • Discover engagement techniques for both small hasty teams and individuals.
  • Understand tactical formations, target acquisition, and neutralization tactics.

No Name Security

  • Explore the duties and responsibilities of undercover security personnel.
  • Understand the strategic placement of security within the sanctuary.
  • Learn about their role in neutralizing threats and responding to emergencies.
  • Discover the special qualifications and extensive training required for undercover security.

The Aftermath

  • Maintain a lockdown/lockout posture post-event.
  • Learn when and how to holster firearms safely.
  • Understand the importance of treating the injured effectively.

Review of Use of Deadly Force Laws

  • Explore the legal aspects of using deadly force in self-defense situations.

📖 Course Benefits:

  • Expert Instruction: Our experienced instructors will guide you through each module, ensuring you understand the material thoroughly.
  • High-Quality Video Content: Engage with dynamic video lessons that simulate real-world scenarios.
  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: Access downloadable resources, quizzes, and reference materials to reinforce your learning.
  • Certificate: Receive a certificate upon completion to demonstrate your commitment to church safety.

🙏 Secure Your Sanctuary: Protect your congregation and be prepared for any situation. Enroll now and equip your church with the knowledge and skills needed for a safer worship environment.

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