Group Coupon for 20 Students (Single Online Course)

Group Coupon for 20 Students (Single Online Course)

Simplify the purchasing process for multiple students and Save Money with this Group Coupon.

Once purchased, your Church (House of Worship) will be issued a unique Coupon Code for One of our Online Courses of your choosing. With that Coupon Code, each one of your students will be able to enroll and complete the course on their own time and computer. (Internet Access Only) 

The Coupon Code can be used 20 times for any One of the Online Courses listed below.

  • Active Shooter Neutralization and Lock Down Drills
  • Church Safety / Security Volunteer Academy
  • Dealing with Disruptive Persons using Verbal Deescalation
  • Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse in the Church
  • Protecting Yourself and the Church with Use of Force Laws
  • Arson Prevention and Fire Drills for Churches
  • Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

IMPORTANT NOTE: It takes 2 to 3 business days for a Coupon Code to be issued. Coupon Code cannot be used by a couple individuals wanting to take different courses. Send email to with any questions or comments.