Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse in the Church

Protecting Children from Abuse v4 Training Materials

This Training Bundle contains everything you need to teach this course. It contains downloadable files which includes the unlocked PowerPoint presentation and Instructor Guide. You also get access to the online course's Streaming Video.


To ensure your staff can identify and prevent child abuse in your church, we offer the Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse in the Church course. 

This downloadable bundle contains a fully customizable Powerpoint® Presentation, Microsoft Office® files and PDF files.

Slide Presentation: The slides are expertly designed to help you understand the basics involved with child protection, child protection procedures, and the risks children within the church face. It educates students on not only the need for awareness, but the signs and symptoms of abuse, and how to identify areas of vulnerability within church programs and ministries. It also helps your church develop procedures tailored to your unique needs that can be implemented quickly to protect at-risk children.

Instructor Guide: The guide is designed to help train Church Safety Team members on the signs and symptoms of sexual and physical abuse. The guide also includes essential information on protecting other at-risk members of the congregation, including aging adults. Students will complete in-built lessons and training scenarios, learn vital skills to help make identifying abusive situations simpler, and more. 

Streaming Video: In addition to the downloadable files, you get online access to our course videos for one year. They are great way to prepare yourself to teach the material and they can even be used in a classroom setting until you are more comfortable teaching. 

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Kris Moloney
Kris Moloney

About the Course Creator

The Sheepdog Church Security team includes Researchers, Writers and an Instructional Designer, who spend countless hours developing Safety and Security materials for Houses of Worship. All our course materials come from Nationally Recognized resources and Subject Matter Experts. 

Kris Moloney oversees it all, ensuring the materials are Realistic and Relevant for the Church. He continues to serve as a Volunteer Safety Director and he has led this two campus team since 2009. 

Additionally, he was a Police Officer for over 18 years. He is a retired Army Captain and Company Commander. He has certifications in a number of specialties to include Crime Prevention, Security Assessments, and the Crime Free Program. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Course Curriculum

Training Material (Downloads)
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: What is Child Abuse
Section 3: Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse
Section 4: Child Protection Policies
Section 5: Reporting Child Abuse
Review and Discussion

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