Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

This course delivers vital information on understanding the wide range of severe weather threats that could affect your church structure, grounds and congregation. It is expertly designed to help ensure that you’re able to accurately plan for hazardous incidents and severe weather, and to train church staff and congregation members on these threats.

[Online Course] What would you say is the single greatest threat your church faces? Is it crime from individuals in the surrounding neighborhood? Perhaps it’s the threat of abuse for children or at-risk adults within the congregation? Maybe it is the potential for disruptive individuals to enter the church. While all are valid, those are likely not the greatest threats – that title goes to natural disasters. From fires to flooding to earthquakes, winter storms, droughts, and even volcanic eruptions, nature’s awesome power can be devastating to your church’s structure, grounds and even congregation. 

We created the Severe Weather and Natural Disasters course to help guide your Safety Ministry and Church Safety Team to mitigate the threat posed by natural disasters, and to understand these threats in the first place. 

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Kris Moloney
Kris Moloney

About the Course Creator

The Sheepdog Church Security team includes Researchers, Writers and an Instructional Designer, who spend countless hours developing Safety and Security materials for Houses of Worship. All our course materials come from Nationally Recognized resources and Subject Matter Experts. 

Kris Moloney oversees it all, ensuring the materials are Realistic and Relevant for the Church. He continues to serve as a Volunteer Safety Director and he has led this two campus team since 2009. 

Additionally, he was a Police Officer for over 18 years. He is a retired Army Captain and Company Commander. He has certifications in a number of specialties to include Crime Prevention, Security Assessments, and the Crime Free Program. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Dealmer Coleman

weather training

Great course! Can't wait to tell my director about the things I've learned.

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